What are some tips to crack the IIT-JEE?

What are some tips to crack the IIT-JEE?


The Complete JEE Guide:

  1. Be sincere in your efforts (Half hearted hard work doesn’t give fruitful results !)

  2. Practice from limited and standard books like HC VERMA, etc. Don’t do too many books. Do limited books, and do it more times. Become perfect in them.

  3. Get a good Guru, if you can find it ! A Guru is the person who knows what should be done and what should not be done. He/she is the best guide.

4.Focus more on previous year questions of IIT JEE

Physics: Start with HC Verma. Then go ahead with IIT JEE Questions directly. Don’t go for any other crap books.Also other books from Arihant and GRB are good … However if you have time left after doing previous years, you can solve Irodov, Resnick, Krotov etc !

Chemistry: NCERT most important. Other than that, for reference, use OP Tandon, MS Chouhan, Pradeeps, Morrison and Boyd,


Himanshu Pandey, P Bahadur, SN Sanyal etc. Other books from GRB and Arihant are also good !

Math: Start with NCERT, RD. Then go ahead with A Das Gupta, MCQ in Math, Advanced Problems in JEE (Balaji), and then the previous year’s questions from Arihant 39 years! etc More books of Arihant and GRB can be used if needed.

Practice previous year’s IIT JEE questions MANY TIMES (You can use Arihant 39 years for that ! ). Become perfect in them. Solve other people’s doubts. These will help you score better :). People run after so many modules and crap test series. Instead, you should focus on limited material and do it more times !! Many questions ask only basic concepts but a good clarity in them. Self-study is definitely the most important. But coaching really helps you score more

Mantra: Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached :slight_smile: ~Swami Vivekananda

  1. Do 12th Marks Matter In NEET?

Ans. Class 12th marks are not so important to get admission to the MBBS course. But, it is necessary that the candidate must have scored the minimum required percentage in PCB in 12th to appear for the NEET examination i.e. Gen – 50%, OBC/SC/ST – 40%,

PWD – 45%. Therefore Also give some time to your boards’ exams and don’t just ignore them completely because they also matter. If you want to go to research in the future they will matter. At Least a 70 percent score is good.

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