What are the best books for NEET 2023 preparation?

What are the best books for NEET 2023 preparation?

The NEET aspirants who are preparing for NEET 2023 know that NCERT books for classes 11 and 12 are essential for them. According to NEET Toppers, NCERT Textbooks are everything for aspirants as they contain all the basic concepts tested on the medical entrance examination. NCERT Textbooks make aspirants’ conceptual base stronger, which is essential for practicing numerical-based questions.

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If you are willing to prepare for neet then the best book no doubt is your NCERT as most or I should say 97% of your exam questions are going to come directly from NCERT So first you should be thorough with your NCERTs and know each and every thing in that. After that we have many books in the market for objective practice as just knowing concept is enough you should practice things for that I have already written an answer you can check the link below :point_down:

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