What are the chapters of class 11 which have a high weightage in the JEE Mains?

What are the chapters of class 11 which have a high
weightage in the JEE Mains?


If time does not permit to prepare all the topics of all three
subjects, focus on the following important chapters in the books of
the three subjects:
Concepts: Dimensional Analysis, Gravitation, Electrostatics,
Current Electricity, Heat Transfer, Electromagnetic Induction,
Waves & Sound, Geometrical Optics, Thermodynamics, Kinetic
Theory of Gases, Rotational Dynamics.
Books: Concepts of Physics Vol I and II by H.C. Verma; McGraw
Hill Education Series-Complete Physics JEE (M).
Concepts: Mole concept, the concept of equivalents, Redox
reactions, Electrochemistry, Thermodynamics, and Chemical
equilibrium in physical chemistry. Carbonyl Compounds in organic
chemistry and Coordination chemistry, Chemical bonds, Qualitative
analysis in inorganic chemistry
Books: Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur; Inorganic Chemistry by
J.D. Lee; Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd

Concepts: Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Circles, and Family of
Circles, Sequence, and Series, Probability, vectors, Quadratic
equations and expressions, Complex numbers, Matrices, Parabola,
Hyperbola in coordinate geometry; Functions, Limits, Continuity
and Differentiability, Application of derivatives and Definite integral
in calculus.
Books: Maths XI & XII NCERT Textbooks; Trigonometry by S. L.
Loney; Higher Algebra by Hall & Knight; Problems in Calculus of
One Variable by I.A. Maron