What are the most common mistakes done by students in their JEE preparation?

What are the most common mistakes done by students in
their JEE preparation?


Thousands of students prepare for JEE every year, but only a
few JEE test takers successfully crack JEE. So why does this happen
every year with JEE? The reason is that some students avoid specific
mistakes, while others unconsciously make common mistakes. So
let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes students
make. - Curriculum by JEE.
Students usually listen and follow the syllabus spoken by their
friends and seniors, so first make a proper list of syllabus from the
official website for better goal setting. Students usually don’t have a
good strategy. Also, some students study without a strategy, and this
is the worst mistake. So strategize your goals according to your
strengths and weaknesses.
Don’t read too many books. Read only specific books for each
subject and practice properly. Reading too many books is a waste of
time. Wrong fix plan. The most important thing in JEE preparation
is repetition. Therefore, be sure to thoroughly review all that you
have learned on a regular basis.
Attempts to cover the entire curriculum. Every student has some
topics that are very difficult to understand. Don’t waste your time on
such topics. What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to score
100% to crack JEE with a decent rank, but your strong must be
accurate in his zone, that’s all.
NERVOUSNESS in the examination room. This can and usually
does ruin the whole preparation. Be confident and only try questions
that you are sure of.

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