What do you wish NEET aspirants would stop doing?

What do you wish NEET aspirants would stop doing?


At first I will say that you need to consult with NEET toppers on call they will give you suggestions and by that you can improve your preparation. Here are some tips for you :
• You need to give more time if you want to crack this examination in your first attempt.
• If you spend ample amount of time for social media in your college life, so side all this things for few months.
• You need to solve various types of questions but after finishing the NCERT book thoroughly for physics and chemistry.
• For biology I will recommend you not depending only on NCERT, you need to solve mcq based questions from different books.
• You have to solve question banks as much as possible, and make notes by yourself not depending only video lectures or coaching teachers.
• You have to solve previous year’s question paper that will helps you a lot and by that you will understand the question paper.
• You have to take mock tests frequently by that you will be comfortable with the exam environment, not taking just one mock test do as much as you can, you can do in a week.
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What do you wish NEET aspirants would stop doing? -


Too many things. I’ll try enumerating everything I can recall.

1-I’m a PCB guy(Self doubting)- NEET aspirants aren’t untouchable. It’s just a figment of your imagination. You can parallel JEE aspirants, all you need is doing away with your own self doubt. There are many stories when a normal PCB guy scored 200+ in JEE MAINS by attempting physics and chemistry alone, one of them being myself :wink:

2-Stacking theory books( M P Kaushik, Ramesh Gupta etc) for Biology. Get over it guys. NCERT is your only saviour. Don’t get influenced by 280–290/360 marks you’re scoring in Allen and Aakash tests.