What is the best way to revise the entire NEET syllabus in the last months?

What is the best way to revise the entire NEET syllabus in
the last months?


First of all don’t observe something new within the final
months.For Biology - read 2 chapters day by day one from 11th
fashionable and one from 12th without procrastinating.
For Chemistry physical chemistry is the very best one and you don’t
need many revisions when you have grasp on the concept. The
remaining part this is natural and inorganic need regrous revision
for that i’m able to propose you devote 1 and half of hour to every
element daily for ultimate two months the main trick is that each
time you revise go fast via all of the section you revised final day
then coaching very clean questions for 1 hour.
For physics, undergo all of the formulation chapter wise and try to
link chapters don’t study the chapters independently like you could
hyperlink Gravitation with Electrostatics and SHM with WEP. If
you are precise in linking chapters, physics revision becomes a clean
venture for you. After that, educate as many questions as feasible
but please prepare yourself for NEET simplest now not to compete
with Sheldon Cooper (FYI Sheldon Cooper is a person from BBT.
he is a physicist.)
In case you followed those steps you realised that you have
absolutely revised your entire syllabus and geared up for the exam
You can also take guidance from recent NEET toppers if you are a
new aspirant by enrolling yourself in a neet mentorship program
which will be your guiding tool throughout your preparation.


Timetable-for-NEET-Preparation-in-1-Month-PDF.pdf (56.1 KB)

Follow these time tablee
Easily got good marks