What is the difference between NEET and AIIMS?

What is the difference between NEET and AIIMS?


You are giving the NEET examination for taking admission to a reputed medical college. But if you want to enter in AIIMS then you need to crack AIIMS entrance examination.
If you are thinking that a NEET aspirant who is preparing for NEET examination they can clear the AIIMS entrance with same preparation, that is totally wrong. For AIIMS examination you need to do more deep study than NEET. So by that you can clearly understand that AIIMS is special and more difficult than NEET.
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As you know now there is a common entrance exam for admission in AIIMS & other medical College of india

So now your target should be to score 700+ in NEET to get into AIIMS DELHI


There is no difference in between NEET and AIIMS earlier there used to be different examination but now NEET is the common entrance test so through NEET only you get seat in all colleges of India.But for getting seat in AIIMS you have to secure rank under 1500 so that you can take admission in AIIMS


The NEET examination is conducted every year by the National Testing Agency (NTA) and the AIIMS entrance test is conducted each year separately and its centre is in New Delhi (Medical Science Institute of New Delhi). However, since the year 2020, the AIIMS examination has been scrapped and since then, the NEET examination has become the only entrance test (All India level). Students from all over India sit in this exam every year in massive numbers to get the prestigious opportunity to get into the top medical colleges in the country. The exam has become the one-tier national entrance test in India for admissions in medical courses.