What is the most important time during JEE preparation?

Ans. Every second is important during JEE preparation. This is 50% true and 50% not.
Surely there are some important and some very important phases during JEE preparation.
I can surely point out some of them.
The most important phases are :
The time you start : Most people start JEE preparation in class 11th. That time is very important.
The battle can be lost and won there only. When you come to class 11th, things change
drastically. The gap between 11th and 10th class is huge and it takes everybody quite some
time to settle in. Added to that, if someone is preparing for JEE, settling properly becomes even
more difficult. Most of the people lose hope at the start itself without even trying properly. Those
who settle are always at an advantage till the end.
When there is a break : Most of the coaching centres do have one week breaks during Diwali
and all. Be it at Kota, Delhi or any part of country. Those breaks have a lot of value. You might
think that you have worked hard for quite some time and you can take rest (be it for 7 days
only). This much time is enough for a third person to completely overtake you by a huge margin.
Never count those days as mere 7 but as 168 hours. One can easily take out time of 70 - 80
hours for studying (even in holidays) and you won`t even get it soon that you are now far behind
in the race.
Revision period : Revision time is one of the most crucial time during preparation. You see,
many people have a backlog, in-fact most of them. Its the best time for those people to cover it
as you are going to have lesser coaching classes and more time for self study at home. Plus,
boards are also coming and you need to get decent marks there too. Even the lazy freaks
become the ones who will be burning the midnight oil. You think you have worked hard for 2
years (or more), revision should be a bit chill. You are mistaken.
Time between JEE Mains and Advanced : This time is very very decisive. You have got your
Mains score. People who have a good score can become overconfident, people with not so
good score may become hopeless but those who come out of these distracting things sooner
are sure of getting a good result. You see, hard work of 2 years is important. Its the foundation


i am going to start preparing now for jee will this goanna help me