What is the role of a mentor in IIT JEE preparationN

What is the role of a mentor in IIT JEE preparation?

Just imagine yourself passing out board and now you are among millions of aspirants WHO are trying their best to secure a seat in best colleges of India in the competition is very tough and the competitors are mean.
You may have courage to self study but all the self study is one of the best method of preparation but only when it is in the right direction you can get the right direction from your coaching but

maybe you don’t want to leave your home maybe your financial condition is not good for the coaching in educational hubs like Kota so what will you do.
Here comes the role of a mentor. A mentor will guide you before or during your preparation in IIT JEE preparation and he or she will personally guide you according to your capacity, will plan out the whole list of stuff you have to do so that you can clear this exam.
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