What should I do if I'm fed up doing NEET preparations?

What should I do if I’m fed up doing NEET preparations?


You see, there is a phase of prep time when you’re tired of
work and want to give up, but then you need to work a little harder.
Take a deep breath, take a short break for a day if needed to
recharge, watch a good movie or two, sit down with the family and
find the next book . Perhaps you suffer from fatigue from constant
work. Don’t think of the exam as a burden or a threat that you just
want to do. This is your chance to showcase what you have been
working on over the years. Don’t just sit with a book all day. Spend
the day with your family and friends and relax your mind. Take a
few minutes each day to do something you really love. Be as happy
and cheerful as possible. Any day is a great chance to get ready. No
matter how much you learn, you can always improve. Improve your
score, work on your weaknesses, and practice some more problems.
Instead of thinking about giving up, spend your time thinking about
what you need to do to increase your rank.


Hey buddy!
I know the exam preparation phase is a bit tough for aspirants as you have to go through a lot during the preparation. Reading the same topics again and again and solving the same topic questions is such a cumbersome process that anyone would just leave it. But remember that ultimately if you want to clear the exam this is what you have to do i.e reading the topics again and again i.e regular revision and a tendency of not giving up.
Let me tell you one thing, all the hard work and sacrifices you will be making now will be worth it in the end, the college life is just amazing which you cant get anywhere else in your life.
And ultimately just remember why you are doing it, dont do it for anyone else, do it for yourself as you will be the person with the tag Dr. Behind your name. Only few months are left for the exam, and now its time to gear up and properly channelise your hard work and get a good result.
Dont worry…am again saying it will be worth it in the end.



If you are feeling fed up with your NEET preparation, it may be helpful to take a break and engage in activities that you enjoy. It is important to maintain a healthy balance between studying and other activities to avoid burnout. Additionally, you can try changing your study routine or approach to make it more interesting and engaging. You can also talk to your friends, family or a counselor if you are experiencing stress or anxiety related to your studiea

Here are a few additional things you can try to help with your NEET preparation:

Set specific and achievable goals for yourself. This will help you stay focused and motivated.

Break up your study sessions into shorter, more manageable chunks of time. This will help you stay engaged and prevent burnout.

Use flashcards, mnemonics, or other memory aids to help you remember important information.

Practice, practice, practice! Take as many practice tests as you can to get a sense of the types of questions you’ll encounter on the actual exam.

Get a study partner or form a study group. This can be a great way to stay motivated and get support from your peers.

Take care of yourself. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating well, and engaging in regular exercise to keep your mind and body in good condition.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re struggling with certain concepts or subject areas, don’t be afraid to ask your teachers or tutors for extra help.