What things should I know before starting my NEET preparation? I am a dropper

What things should I know before starting my NEET
preparation? I am a dropper.


1.Most important thing you should know is no one is going to
take responsibility for your selection. It’s a bitter truth and you will
have to accept it sooner or later. You are yourself responsible for
your studies, your selection, your career. No teacher or any person is
at blame if you don’t understand anything. That’s your matter and
you should know how to handle it.
2. Follow concised material rather than studying from too many
books. Take NCERT as base and go for detailed explanation
wherever required. Study important chapters in detail.
3. Stay in an environment suitable for you. Generally, when students
start staying at a hostel, they get easily distracted and forget their
goal. So, if possible and if you are comfortable studying at home
avoid staying at a hostel.
4. Socialize upto a certain limit. You don’t need to talk to too many
people, only talk to people who actually care and push you to work
harder. Avoid meeting too many relatives for 1 year.
5. Don’t get easily demotivated if you score less. Same is the case if
you score well, don’t get overconfident. Prepare targeting NEET.
6. Complete your whole syllabus at least a few months before
NEET. Then focus on multiple revisions. It’s very important to revise
the whole syllabus in the last days before NEET.
7.Solve previous year questions at least 2-3 times. Go for detailed
explanations of concepts which are repeatedly asked.