What to do in 10 mins break between study sessions?

How to stress free ourselves in those 10 mins

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Listen to music.

Classical music has been found to lower blood pressure, slow down your pulse, and reduce stress hormones. Besides that, music can increase dopamine. However, think of your last wild air guitar or air drum solo – those concerts were probably not given to your air audience with classical music. Turn up the tunes if you need to. Music relieves stress

Meditate or stretch.

Meditation and stretching are both tried-and-true tactics to help you relieve stress. Both are incredibly simple to do no matter where you where. Simply close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and concentrate on your current state. Or, simply stretch your limbs for a moment. This suggestion fits in somewhat with the “exercise” category, and so these methods are often ignored – just as exercise is ignored. However, it is much easier and faster to take a stretch in the bathroom stall at work than to hit the gym.

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