What to do in gap b/w 11 and12 I have backlog in DPP and module

What to do in gap between 11 and 12 how to make more significant I have some backlog in DPP and module

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It’s very essential to properly utilize this phase. Many aspirants waste this gap in hanging out with friends or in some other activities.

See, you got a gap after one year of hardwork , its very obvious one want to relax and enjoy, but at the same time, you can’t neglect your studies.(You can plan something like studying for 6 days and then a half day break on Sunday)

Now, coming to What you should study in this gap ?

  1. Focus on your weak topics from Class 11th. Extremely important. Make sure , you complete all topics before starting with Class 12.
  2. Solve JEE Adv previous year questions. Will help tin revision and also will develop strong grip over concepts.

Extra-Tip : Try to develop a strong command over GOC. It will make, Organic chemistry a smooth ride from you.

Do Relax and keep energy high for next year.

Mujhe hindi notes chahiye