What to if NEET Syllabus is not Complete?

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With the vast syllabus and limited time, it can be challenging to cover every topic thoroughly.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this video, we’ll discuss the most important chapters that you must study for NEET. These are the do or die topics that have a high weightage in the exam and can help you score 650+ easily, even if you haven’t completed the full syllabus.

So, if you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to boost your NEET score, this video is a must-watch! Get ready to take your first step towards your dream medical college.

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Name: Nitish Singla
Qualification: NEET Topper, PGIMS Rohtak
AIR: 2375

If ur syallabus is not complete yet then focus only on important CHP which are scoring and revise those CHP which u have been already completed. Solve pyqs mainly for phy as questions repeat every yr from pyq so it is very helpful.
Phy - error, modern physics, thermal phy, wave, current, magnetism, rectifier, emi.
Chem- alcohol phenol ether, carbonyl compounds, chemical bonding, periodic table, coordination compounds, df block, chemical and ionic equilibrium, mole, solid state, chemical kinetics.
Bio- complete

focus on fundamentals example before starting physics try to make your basic mathematics strong like integration and differentiation or vector. it will help you in question solving

  1. Focus on concept.

  2. While studying forgat your old limits always think ‘ i can do batter in this chapter.

  3. continuity is power

  4. do deep analysis of every test you attempt.

  5. Take less but good study material.

  6. Study in morning hours.

  7. Make these chapters of class 11 chemistry strong. …mole concept. Perodic table…chemical bonding…basic organic . These are fundamentals of chemistry

  8. Delete your insta and fb account.

  9. Take heavy break fast and light dinner.

  10. do not watch porn videos and do not mastrubate it will definately affect your study . always rember krishan is in your heart in a vishnu form ( bhagvad gita ) he watching you all the time.

  11. Read two verse of bhagvad gita daily before sleeping . It is amazing motivational book and you will never go in wrong direction if you reading Bhagvad gita daily .in my success biggest role is played by Bhagvad gita.

  12. Always study with happy mind.

14 join biomentros class online ( you tube ) and stick to it.

That’s all. Thank you. Best of luck
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