What type of timetable should I follow for giving neet 2024? I’m still weak in physics and chemistryY

What type of timetable should I follow for giving neet 2024? I’m still weak in physics and chemistry.

Always start your NEET preparation with the proper study schedule. Don’t Neglect NCERT at any cost. Not only for Biology, you have to go thoroughly for both Physics & Chemistry also.

Must prepare short notes. Try to understand the concepts, rather then memorize them. Revise them thoroughly. Don’t neglect practice questions After done with NCERT, Practice Mock Tests & PYQs through the best book includes ‘Solved Year Papers’ and Chapter-wise tests with Explanations’, and the book series is, NEET 35 Years Chapter-wise Solutions with NCERT Page-wise Reference and Topper’s Approach - Physics, Chemistry and Biology of AV Publication.

Always take help from NEET online preparation course, if you find any difficulty in any topic or any doubt pops up.

Watch your weaker & stronger concepts. Try to improve them.

Always keep focus on your accuracy, try to increase them.

Secondly, you are weak in Physics and Chemistry … for that, you can follow below tips properly:-


NCERT textbook is important for Physics for the strong conceptual base and after NCERT

Absolute clarity in the concepts of Physics comes from practice. Solve lots of questions. Start from easy questions then go higher up.

Prepare Mini Notebook for formulas and try to derivate them.

Practice conceptual problems. Look at the problems that connect theoretical physics with everyday life. Your analytical skills will be tested in the resolution of the issues.

Be careful about the signs (-ve and +ve) and units while solving Physics problems. Strictly avoid calculation mistakes.


The concepts of Chemistry rely on understanding units, converting, and interacting between atoms and molecules.

To understand the basic concepts of Chemistry, Go through the NCERT Textbook twice and thrice. By understanding the concepts it will be easier to memorize other things.

Organic chemistry requires an in-depth understanding and additional reading.

Read NCERT carefully first. Understand the process and exemptions. In Physical Chemistry, read a chapter from NCERT, and prepare class notes. When you are finished with the chapter, write all the equations of the chapter in a notebook for quick reference while solving problems. Solve questions to see how strong your concept is.

Complete NCERT thoroughly and you’ll get your basic footing in Inorganic Chemistry. Make precise notes for each chapter.

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Follow these time table!

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