What was your daily schedule during NEET preparation like?

What was your daily schedule during NEET preparation


The NEET timetable will differ for every person as it is
dependent on your daily routine. For instance, if you are a morning
person, you will have a different schedule as compared to someone
who is a night owl. The main thing that you need to ensure is that
you study daily consistently. Success needs repetition.
Before starting my NEET preparation I joined a short NEET-UG
Mentorship program from Exprto Rankers on call and the guidance
of my personal NEET mentor helped me alot to make a perfect plan
which suits myself. Here you can connect to NEET toppers and get
perfect guidance straight from toppers.
I am sharing the timetable that I feel is good enough if you are
sincere while studying. You can refer to it and make changes
accordingly as per what works for you. When you sit down to study
and need any sort of help in understanding some question you can
see examples related to that question or watch a YouTube video of
that concept… Ask unlimited questions and keep practicing.
Here is the timetable -
Wake up - 6:15 am
Go for a walk/ exercise to refresh - 6:45 am
Plan the topics for the day - 7:15 am
Breakfast - 7:30 am
Resume studying - 9:45 am
Take break - 10 am
Resume studying - 12:30 pm
Take lunch break - 1 pm
Resume studying - 4 pm
Take a nap - 4:30 pm
Tea break - 4:45 pm
Resume studying - 6 pm
Have dinner - 8:30 pm
Resume studying - 9.30 pm
Sleep - 11:30 pm
Ensure that you keep some days just for revision. Do not follow this
timetable or any other blindly. Make your own timetable according
to your need and capacity and it should be realistic. If you take a
NEET personal mentorship program it will be easy for you to make
a good routine according to your needs.


I prepared from Allen Kota, the atmosphere there is very competitive and you need to be very punctual and adamant with your daily routine to be at the top. Frankly speaking you need a very good discipline to clear NEET in general.
So my daily routine was as follows -
Waking up at 7 and sitting to study from 7:30 to 12pm in which I used to study the back topics and revise them.
I had lunch and some rest till 2pm.
Then I went for coaching from 2pm to 8:15pm and returned hostel for having dinner.
After that again sat for studying from 9-9:30pm till 12am midnight and I used to revise whatever was taught to me that day in coaching and used to complete my homework that day itself.
This disciplined routine helped me clear NEET in my very first attempt with 666 marks and I suggest the same routine to all my mentees too.

I woke up at 5 in the morning, Had my breakfast and all, And used to start studying by 5:45 , I used to have slots of 2 hours for study and then a ten min break

So in the morning till 12 , I used to study in 3 slots one for each subject

Then, I used to get ready for my classes and had my lunch also
I used to listen to lectures properly and made proper notes for all the topics

I used to have my dinner at 8:30
I used to talk to my parents then ,At 9 , I used to sit and revise the previously done topics and practised as many questions as I could
Then I used to sleep at 11

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Hii @Jaun

So as I was a dropper and only had one year to prepare for my exam and I was also enrolled in Aakash institute and had offline lectures so have to attend that and also had to do self study and had to manage between both the things as both of them are very imp as you can’t just do things with lectures you also have to give equal time and importance to self study

So here Is the time table that I used to follow

I used to wake up 6:30 in the morning then I used to get ready for my coaching as I used to have class from 8:30A.M.
At 8:00 A.M. I used to leave for coaching
From 8:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. I used to attend class then 1:30 to 2:30 I stay back at coaching and clear my doubts from the faculty then I come back to room then used to had my lunch Then 3:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. I used to take a nap so that I can get energetic again then 4:30-8:30P.M. I used to revise the things and questions of the topics that were taught in coaching that day
8:30-9:30 P.M. dinner and break then again I go back to my studies
9:30 to 1:00 A.M. I used to study revise things and more question solving

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I want to make you acknowledge about the important components and way of making a perfect schedule ,because i believe that a perfect schedule for you will be one which is made by you
Important components
|Hours of Study for one day |8 hour)
|Sleep|7 hours|
|General Activities|2 hours|
|Mock Test|2 hours|
|Revision|2 hours|
|Doubt Clearing/ Group Discussions|1 hour|
|Rest|Take a break for 10 minutes, after 1 hour of study|

Daily mindmap in morning for planning the day:-

Write down your syllabus:

Write down all the subjects and topics that need to be studied, and make a list of the issues you’re firm with and those you are weak with. Mention how much you aim to complete during the week as well.

Analyze your Energy and Concentration Levels:

Analyze your energy and concentration levels throughout the day to know when the best study time would be. Highlight the points of the day when these levels are maximum so you can study without feeling drained or distracted. Early mornings are ideal for learning and can prove to be a much more productive period.

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