When should I start giving mock tests for JEE

When should I start giving mock tests for JEE

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Testing your level of preparation is vital once you are ready for the approaching tests. It is crucial to regularly assess your level of readiness. You can determine the extent of your readiness by taking [Mock Tests.](https:// Mock Tests.) You will be able to identify your weak areas and where you need to put more effort. After finishing your preparation,
Perform a full self-analysis by working through the challenging Mock Test questions. Mock tests are very helpful for the evaluation of urn weak sites and urn mistakes that u are being done during your preparation… And mostly it will help u to get the pattern and difficult-level questions that are similarly being asked in JEE.
To evaluate yourself during the last phase of preparation, appearing in mock tests would be beneficial, especially in the last 2-3 months.

Every IIT jee ranker will tell you how important mock test papers are therefore without practice and knowing your capabilities one should not think of getting good marks in such a competitive exam.

It is recommended to start taking mock tests for JEE at least one year before the actual exam. This will give you enough time to identify your strengths and weaknesses, improve your speed and accuracy, and get a feel for the format and difficulty level of the exam. By taking mock tests regularly, you can also track your progress and work on areas where you need improvement. Additionally, taking mock tests will also help you get used to the time pressure and stress of the exam environment, which will better prepare you for the real thing. Overall, starting early and taking mock tests consistently is key to success in JEE.
Starting early and taking mock tests consistently will give you the time and practice you need to master the concepts and develop effective problem-solving strategies. You can also use the results from mock tests to make a study plan and allocate more time to subjects that you need to work on. Additionally, mock tests can help you identify the type of questions that you tend to struggle with, so you can focus on improving your performance in those areas. Taking mock tests will also help you improve your time management skills, as you’ll have to work on solving questions within a limited time frame, just like in the real JEE. By taking mock tests regularly, you can build confidence and test-taking skills, which will help you perform better in the actual exam. So, it is crucial to start giving mock tests for JEE as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of success.

You should attempt mock test after you complete each unit, and only for that perticular unit, once you complete half your course start attempting mock test twice a week, with complete Time management. Due to low sperm students are not able to attempt whole paper of JEE, missing some of the easy questions. Also register yourself in some test series, because they provide you fresh questions and fresh material. Do every possible mistake in the test, they will improve you to your best. For the final paper, don’t waste your time on the question you think might take time or for the question you aren’t sure about, that’s also a common mistake people do.

Answering JEE Main Paper in 3 Phases

  • In the First Phase, do the easy questions. Those questions which you are confident of and sure that it will not take more than 1.5 min strictly. Skip the Hard & time consuming questions.At the end of first phase, If you had a decent preparation then the number of questions you have answered gives you the average score. Remember those were the easy ones and most of the candidates can answer them.
  • In the Second Phase, take up those questions which you could not answer in the first phase. The questions might be time consuming (3 min). Might be a tricky word problem which you could not crack in the first phase. For all such questions you have the second phase. (Intermediate Questions)Your performance in this phase will help improve your rank. So focus and Concentrate. Try to resort to methods like Elimination of Options by methods like substitution. Do not always go first for conventional solving method there is always an easy way.
  • In the Third Phase, take up very difficult and time consuming questions. Answering them correctly will improve your rank drastically. Questions for which you have no clue since you have either forgotten the formulas or do not know the concept should be dealt in this phase. Risk Factor comes into picture here. Make a smart guess of the option if you feel it is necessary otherwise there is no harm leaving them and start checking the previously answered questions.