When should I start solving mock JEE tests

When should I start solving mock JEE tests?

Testing your level of preparation is vital once you are ready for the approaching tests. It is crucial to regularly assess your level of readiness. You can determine the extent of your readiness by taking Mock Tests. You will be able to identify your weak areas and where you need to put more effort. After finishing your preparation,

perform a full self-analysis by working through the challenging Mock Test questions. Mock tests are very helpful for evaluation of ur weak sites and ur mistakes that u are being done during your preparation… And mostly it will help u out to get the pattern and difficult level questions that are similar being asked in JEE.
To evaluate yourself during the last phase of preparation, appearing in mock tests would be beneficial especially in the last 2-3 months.
Every iit jee ranker will tell you how important mock test papers are therefore without practice and knowing your capabilities one should not think of getting good marks in such a competitive exam.