Which are the test series should I join for NEET?

Which are the test series should I join for NEET?


There are many websites provide sample questions as well as test series like Topper, Simply learnt and many more. You also have many youtube channel which are giving you notes by that students do their study well. At first you check those test series in trail then if you think that are good enough, you can buy them. You can take suggestions from recent NEET toppers they will suggest you that which test series is good for you. You can go for ALLEN’s test series, they set the question papers like NEET pattern. But the questions are little bit higher level by that you may feel demotivated after giving that exam. Also if you want to give offline test then go for AIMS, for AIIMS test series, it will most helpful for you, many toppers are suggests this.
Take suggestions from this : Which are the test series should I join for NEET? -


Yesterday only a Parent was curious for the same question.
I won’t recommend you an institution or a series, I will just tell you a key thing .
It should be around 10k , and let me tell you whatever your rank is in the series consecutively…
Your NEET rank would be 20-25 times of it ! Let’s get on it .
So you got your exact answer of which series you should sit in and you also have an idea of NEET rank .


There are many test series available which oftens creates confusion on which one to choose…

But based on my personal opinion AIATS is one of the best test series available for NEET

The main concern should be on giving more and more test,give as much test as you can because at end it will help you to strech your marks and give you confidence to appear in your NEET exam


Both Allen And Aakash Test series for NEET are very good and are recommended for checking the level of your preparation.

----- As far as Allen Test series is concerned then Questions in Biology are more NEET Examination related and are prepared mostly from the NCERT Biology of XI and XII. Diagram based questions are asked in abundance too. The level of question are high despite them being entirely from NCERT. Further questions in Physics and Chemistry portion are very very challenging and require student to have a good knowledge of concepts.

----- Now in Aakash Test series, Questions in Biology portion are module based, so you might find it tough if your preparation of Biology portion is NCERT oriented. Questions in Physics and Chemistry are appreciably tough going by the NEET Exam standards.