Which book is good for MCQs for NEET preparation

Which book is good for MCQs for NEET preparation?

The market is full of NEET MCQS material and you must be confused about which is good. Don’t worry, here you will get the best resources recommended by NEET toppers. Before your

preparation you must read articles of recent NEET toppers which will give you an idea of the overall nature of the exam.

If you don’t have NEET coaching modules then one MCQ book each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology is required. For Chemistry, you can take separate books for Organic and Physical.

The following books and material will help you alot. These resources are used by NEET tankers and in their mentorship and guidance program they recommend these resources to aspirants.

Physics :

● Dc pandey (Neet version) ( Mcqs and a little bit theory)

● NCERT (All ques must be solved)

● Handbook of physics by arihant (For Aiims) (For revision - Formulae)

Chemistry : Organic ● Theory- NCERT ● Mcqs - Modules + Ms chauhan ( Neet version - only Selected mcqs from all chapters)

Inorganic ● Theory - NCERT + coaching notes. ● Mcqs - Previous year questions


● Theory - NCERT ● Mcqs - N Awasthi ( Selected mcqs) + Aakash Modules.

Biology :

● Theory - NCERT ● Mcqs - Modules + previous year QUESTIONS

MTG NCERT on fingertips is also a great book for MCQs

Along with these you must solve as many Mock and Previous year questions as you can. Before the NEET tests you must test yourself over and over again until you are satisfied by yourself. All the best

Beat the NEET Biology Topic-Wise MCQs by SK Singh.
Objective NCERT at your Fingertips for NEET-AIIMS by MTG Editorial Board.
Objective Biology Chapter-Wise MCQs by Disha Experts.