Which book is most important for NEET preparation?


Which book is most important for NEET preparation?

First of all I would suggest you to focus on the NCERT of the subjects. Especially for biology and chemistry.
For physics and chemistry I would suggest you to go for coaching modules which have ample amount of questions to solve.
How to use the material -

  1. Read the biology ncert thoroughly with all the information and the graphs, diagrams, tables because questions can come from anywhere.

  2. For physical chemistry focus on the theory lectures and practicing questions, you will be guided by your mentor which chapter you need to read in ncert

  3. For inorganic and organic, I will be giving you markings in ncert which I got from my faculties during preparation. You can use those markings to complete the ncert in short time as it isn’t possible to read the whole chemistry ncert and remember them along with doing other stuff.

  4. For physics just focus on practicing questions from modules. I will guide you what is important in your physics ncert and you can complete those selective topics.

For NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) preparation, the most important book is NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) textbooks for biology, physics and chemistry. These books provide a strong foundation for the subjects covered in the NEET exam. Additionally, it is recommended to practice with previous years’ question papers and mock tests for better preparation.

Although NCERT is the main book, You may get assisted by some books or modules fron your coaching to understand the concepts of ncert and then learn facts, that will help you boost your memory
DC pandey for Physics, MS Chouhan for Chemistry, Pradeep Objective for Physics, Chemistry are some good books to solve questions