Which books are important for NEET 2023

Which books are important for NEET 2023?

In the NEET exam, NTA asked each and every question from NCERT. Ithas become important to read NCERT Textbooks multiple times thoroughly. Not just read them:-
● Prepare own notes simultaneously,
● Highlight important important lines and
● Mark important points,
● Solve back exercises thoroughly.
● Prepare mini notebooks for formulas and practice questions.
You will find ample practice books for NEET Preparation. But, the best book includes ‘Rank Booster Questions’ and Quick revision of NCERT’ and those books named are, Objective NCERT Gear Up of Physics, Chemistry & Biology of AV Publication.
Reasons for Recommendation of these books:-
A separate section “Rank Booster” contains MCQs that facilitate revision.

Accurate and elaborative explanations with NCERT references are also given for the difficult questions.
NCERT-Picks gave for quick and easy revision of important concepts, and they should attempt MCQs.
Must go through with the theory and practice MCQs which are directly extracted from NCERT books as per the latest NCERT and NEET syllabus.
The Books include the latest NEET Question Paper 2022 - fully solved Chapter-wise with NCERT page-wise references for each question.
Moreover, These are the only books in the market for students where all questions are provided with NCERT page-wise references. This helps in remembering the subject and gives the confidence to attempt new questions easily.

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NCERT (Textbook) Biology – Class 11 & 12.
SC Verma Biology books.
Dinesh Objective Biology.
Biology by GRB Bathla’s Publications.
Trueman’s Biology – Vol 1 and Vol 2.
Biology Books by Pradeep’s Publications.

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For biology and chemistry - only ncert …trust me it’s more thn enough
For physics - your modules and ncert

For Biology and Inorganic chemistry NCERT is sufficient
For organic and physical chemistry you may read ncert but you have to solve too much questions
And for Physics, it is concept based subject. So you must have conceptual clarity and have to solve questions.
All the best

• For Biology - NCERT >>>>>>>>>
• For Chemistry - Class Notes + NCERT + Study Material of any coaching
(For some chapters you have to completely rely on NCERT… Like : Biomolecules, Polymers , Chemistry in everyday life)
• For Physics - Class notes + Study material ( you may skip NCERT )

You may also see videos regarding more things on YouTube channel of Exprto