Which books should I refer for NEET preparation

Which books should I refer for NEET preparation?

Choosing the right resources is also important in your preparation of NEET-UG entrance exam. If you are self-studying and haven’t join any coaching and want the best resources we are going to help you. Even if you are in coaching, self study is a must.

Along with your coaching material you must read and understand concept from these books.

Let’s go subjectwise:


NCERT — You can’t skip it even if you don’t like it but please don’t read it like a novel. Read it like it is supposed to be.

MTG NCERT at your fingertips — Practising MCQs will help you alot. Use it for every chapter.

MTG 32 Years PYQs — I used it for almost all chapters but didn’t concentrate on questions older than 2000.3 Chemistry

NCERT — Statements of NCERTs are very important. In organic

and inorganic chemistry mug up all the named reaction and

processes. For physical chemistry concentrate more on numericals.

Some online coaching materials will help you. Scoring well in Biology and chemistry is very important.

MTG NCERT at your fingertips : Solve mcqs and make yourself strong in chemistry.

PYQs : Analyze previous year questions and you will come to know which topics are more important. Physics

Many aspirants are afraid of Physics but NEET Toppers will tell you that getting good marks in physics gives you a good rank.

Understand concepts from your NCERT or YouTube videos.

HC Verma: After you are confident in solving ques of NCERT move on to HC Verma and solve the question.

I would suggest you to attempt mock tests with someone who scores somewhat similar to you so that you can judge the mock test level.4

MTG NEET Explorer —. It’s good although some mock tests are a little bit difficult.

Disha Experts Publications — Purchased this book only because it had mock tests of new patterns. Level of the questions is good.

If you just passed your boards and want to prepare for NEET you can enroll yourself in the Mentorship program of Exprto. It connects you with NEET toppers who will share their strategy and will give you guidance on your journey to crack NEET UG exam.

All the best!

Focus your ncert books it will really helpfull and do NCERT problems and examples that will make your concept clear