Which books would be good for JEE Maths?

Which books would be good for JEE Maths?


A good book will make your preparation easier. If possible then consult with a recent JEE topper for choosing the right books it will be beneficial. You will have many options when you choose the books you keep in mind that pick up that books which are easy to understand and have a lot of different types of numerical problems, and contain a lot of examples it will help you. Don’t take too many books for one subject it will put you in trouble.

You can refer to these books:

  • For basics, you can use NCERT books or any of your XI and XII maths books. This will give you an overview and will clear your basics at the beginning of your preparation.
  • You can follow RD Sharma. It contains lots of examples and you will get various questions for your preparation. You can follow Cengage maths.
  • Next, you can refer to ML Khanna. It contains a good amount of all types of questions.
  • You can practice varieties questions from Arihant math books.
  • Also not forget to solve previous year’s question papers to familiar with the question pattern.

Also, you can connect with JEE mentors and take advice from them and you get an idea from that.

You can check these links to see which books are best :