Which is better ncert or any other book

Are NCERT and RC mukerjee enough for IIT JEE physical chemistry?

RC Mukherjee is definitely a good book for IIT JEE physical chemistry. If you consult with any JEE mentor they will tell you that first you should complete NCERT books that will give you an overview of the full syllabus. It will help to clear your fundamental concepts. You will get various numerical problems and examples in RC Mukherjee. This book is also referred to by many IIT JEE toppers. R C Mukherjee is good for practice purposes as it contains both easy and difficult level questions. You will get enough number of numerical questions from each chapter. According to some experts, Gaseous State is the best of all chapters of this book. So, first you need to clarify fundamental concepts for this NCERT books are good. And for practising lots of different types of questions RC Mukherjee is good. But only these two books are not enough for IIT JEE physical chemistry preparation. For a better understanding of concepts you can follow these books also: JD Lee, Solomon.