Which is considered to be more difficult than the JEE Mains?

How do I prepare for the JEE Advanced exam, which is considered to be more difficult than the JEE Mains?

See first of all you need to be able to solve all jee mains questions and go through all the previous year questions of jee advanced and understand the question and how to solve it and understanding the approach of each and every question and after completing this you will have many books available on market for example cengage MC grawhill and there will be some subjective questions available which are tough comparatively so they will be at end of chapter and thorough revision of all depth concepts and for chemistry you need to follow NCERT for inorganic and for organic chemistry you need to follow standard books such as Peter Sykes physical chemistry you can solve Balaji publications. For maths solving different number of problems from Sameer bansal Algebra or Black book available in the market. For solving physics you need to have depth concepts for this you can solve Balaji publications. And later on irodov and pathfinder. Remember having the concepts in clear crystal manner can help you solve. Consistency is also much more important.

Well, 90% of the study material of JEE Advanced and JEE Main are the same. NCERT is enough to cover the entire syllabus of JEE Main. However, in JEE Advanced, the difficulty level rises. In subjects like physics and mathematics, the question asked are difficult. Thus, the study materials must be beyond NCERT.

For JEE Main preparation, study materials must include:

  • NCERT books
  • Mock tests
  • Previous year question papers
  • One reference book each for Maths, Physics and Chemistry

For JEE Advanced preparation, study materials must include:

  • NCERT books.

  • More than one reference book per subject to have an access to various types of questions.

  • Previous year question papers

  • Mock tests

  • Study materials of various coaching centres (if accessible)

  • Focus on the preparation of JEE Advanced while you prepare for JEE Main. Because if you can solve the JEE Advanced level questions, then the preparation of JEE Main can be easily cracked.

  • Focusing on JEE Advanced preparation from the start will fetch you a good rank in JEE Main for sure, even if the rank is not up to the mark in the Advanced exam. This will ensure that you land into either NIT, IIIT, or any CFTI for sure.

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