Which is the best MCQ books for preparation of JEE?

Which is the best MCQ book for preparation of JEE?

  • I suggest cengage learning trigonometry, coordinate geometry and algebra because it has different problems so try to solve all difficult problems.

Physics - if you are also preparing for advanced then you should go with I.E.Irodov else there are many other options for mains like flawless and you have to prepare hard for physics because the question paper has reached a new level.
Chemistry-for this subject basically has 3 subsections-organic chemistry,inorganic chemistry,physical chemistry.
For organic you should go with Himanshu pandey’s organic chemistry or jagdamba singh’s book. For inorganic you can choose o.p.tandon because inorganic contains more learning without understanding.
For physics you need to develop problem solving ability as it contains only numerical problems O.P.tandon physical chemistry is optional.
In addition to whatever book you use, never give up on a problem. whenever you get stuck between situations like solving a problem, keep solving until you get the answer. and try a difficult problem