Which NCERT chapters are enough for the JEE Main preparation?

Which NCERT chapters are enough for the JEE Main


Studying vast topics in all the 3 subjects – Physics, Chemistry
and Mathematics is nothing short of a mammoth task And to
complete this entire huge syllabus in 1 or 2 years, you need to study
smartly - focus on topics which are tough and carry more weightage
and drop topics which are not needed at all.
● Physics – Important Topics for JEE Main & Advanced ●
Mathematics – Important topics for JEE Main & Advanced ●
Chemistry – Important Topics for JEE Main & Advanced
Important topics for Physics in JEE Main & Advanced
The Physics section for JEE has a total of 20 chapters which must be
covered within 2 years. Out of these 20 chapters, there are 10 topics
that you should spend plenty of time on:
● Dimensional Analysis – Although this is a very easy chapter,
knowing the correct units and dimensions of physical quantities
can easily help you eliminate options in multiple choice type
● Gravitation and electrostatics
● Simultaneous transfer of electricity and heat
● Waves and sound
● Geometric optics
● Thermodynamics
● Kinetic theory of gases
● Rotational dynamics
Important topics for Mathematics in JEE Main & Advanced
One thing you need to understand right from the start is that math is
a subject that you can only master with more and more practice.
Some physics and chemistry problems can be solved just by
knowing the formulas, but maths - you have to practice hard and
practice smart!
JEE Syllabus for Mathematics has almost 15 chapters which you
have to cover in 2 years (Class 11 and Class 12).
Unlike physics or chemistry, there is no such section that you can
probably skip and focus on important topics like in maths, there is
nothing called very important or less important topic. Everything is
interdependent so it will be better for you to practice problems from
all 15 chapters in JEE Maths Syllabus.
List of Important Mathematics Topics for JEE 2020
● Inverse trigonometric functions
● Circles and family of circles
● Sequences and series
● Application of derivatives
● Limit and Continuity
● Matrices and determinants
● Vector algebra
● Integration
● Trigonometric ratios
● Theory of equations
Important Topics for Chemistry in JEE Main & Advanced
There are 25 chapters (or topics) in the prescribed syllabus for
Chemistry in JEE Main & Advanced.
Here is a brief overview of important topics in chemistry:
● Chemical bonding and the periodic table
● Carbonyl compounds and their derivatives
● Redox reaction
● Mole concept & concept equivalents
● Solid state
● Theory of solutions and gases
● Thermochemistry and the second law of thermodynamics
● Mole concept
● Coordination chemistry
● Alcohol, phenols and ethers
● p-block elements
● Atomic structure
● Aldehydes and ketones
● d & f Block elements
● General organic chemistry
● Thermodynamics
● Elements of block S
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