Which of topic in organic chemistry is toughest in the IIT-JEE

Which topic in organic chemistry is toughest in the IIT-JEE?


Organic chemistry is one of the scoring topic in IIT-JEE. You
should make this subject as one of your strength.
There are no specific topics, everything is connected with organic
chemistry. If you have strong fundamentals in General Organic
Chemistry you can easily understand the concepts of organic
chemistry and enjoy organic chemistry to the fullest. We review the
application of the GOC throughout the curriculum: acidity, acidity,
reaction probability, reaction type, etc. If you read the GOC
correctly, after a few chapters you will be able to write the reaction
mechanism yourself.

There are some very good books that help build concepts in organic
chemistry. My first recommendation is Pearson’s Morrison & Boyd.
Best of his OC books I’ve ever read. An Indian version of Solomon
written by M.S. Chouhan is also available.