Why are NCERT Books Essential for NEET?

Why are NCERT Books Essential for NEET?

Reasons Why NCERT is Important for the NEET exam:-

NCERT is the one with the most simple language.

NCERT gives proper and strong basics and fundamentals, candidates will be able to understand concepts easily.

NCERT is diagram-based which helps candidates in a better understanding of all that is a part of the syllabus.

NTA asked direct questions from NCERT Books.

Almost every NEET - UG aspirant is concerned about which books they have to choose for preparation after NCERT. In which aspirants can revise the theory parts and practice questions also. It’s challenging to select the best quality content book for the NEET exam that is suitable for candidates and in sync with the whole NEET syllabus.

While choosing the book for NEET Preparation, candidates must keep some points in mind:-

Only select the latest edition books that will be based on the latest pattern and syllabus.

Buy only those books which cover all the topics in a brief and in a concise manner.

Make sure that the topics are explained correctly.

The book should clear the candidate’s concepts in the simplest way.

The content of the book should be organic and understandable.

NEET Candidates will find ample practice books for NEET 2023 Preparation. But, the best book includes NCERT-based questions, Short notes for revision, etc and the book series name is, “Physics Wallah Objective NCERT Punch” of Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

Aspirants can revise the chapters through the NCERT Picks and practice an ample amount of questions of different varieties to secure top ranks in their entrance exams. Varieties of questions provided are as per the latest exam pattern of the different entrance exams.

Reasons for Recommendation of these books:-

100% NCERT Based Topic-wise MCQs

15500+ NTA NEET Like Questions

Short Notes for Quick Revision

Topic-wise MCQs covering all the NCERT topics

Rank Booster MCQs catering to high-level NCERT-based MCQs

1700+ Assertion- Reason and Statement Type Questions

900+ Correct Incorrect Statement MCQs

150+ Match the Column MCQs

After NCERT, aspirants must go through these books, understand the concepts, practice an ample number of questions and Clear their doubts.