Will it be sufficient to study NCERT to crack neet

Will it be sufficient to study NCERT to crack neet?


In one word yes It’s very much sufficient to study NCERT only,
to clear one the most competitive exam i.e NEET. But it’s not that
easy to study NCERT and understand all its words and language.
Most of the people say study NCERT but nobody tells how to study
them . NCERT is really a tough and typical book especially for
physics, very hard to understand it and its language as well.
Being thorough with NCERT is always a must but relying on them
would not be a good plan. This is because NCERTs are mainly
concerned with building a strong foundation for you. While referring
to additional books can help you develop a critical approach to solve
tricky questions in the exam. They would also help you increase your
speed and accuracy.
From the time NTA started taking exams , its main focus has been
NCERT NCERT NCERT. Even while challenging any questions in
the answer key they want the reference of NCERT only to keep a
hold over it .