Can I crack NEET in 1 year from zero level?

Can I crack NEET in 1 year from zero level?

Yes you can crack neet in one year . One year is sufficient for prepration for neet just keep few things in mind.

1 book/modules/study material
1 teacher / platform
1 mentor
And a lot of hardwork

Few students try to many books at there time of prepration you can follow other books just for selective topics but not for all chapters it creates confusions and you won’t know what to revise in final days of prepration so don’t do this mistake

Same with few students study from different teachers and confuse themselves by comparing them remember every teacher you will study from have capability to get you selective notes and answer your doubts and by lot of hard work you will follow your dream.

The last but not the least mentors they will help you guide at every step in your preparation any sort of difficulty you face will take a lot of time but mentors being experts they will help you to clear those doubts and mistakes in no time

For trail mentorship session

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NEET is one of the most difficult entrance exams which gets you to medical school, the opportunity of wearing that white apron that used to make you happy during chemistry practicals with your nameplate this time, to dissect the cadavers is very fantastic for the ones who were fond of Gray’s.
There are many factors that make the exam difficult to crack but if you are determined enough then it won’t be difficult, all it needs is determination, patience, and hard work.
All you need is to work hard, start focussing on what you find difficult, clear your concepts of physics start practicing as many questions as you can, for chemistry keep mugging up inorganic reactions (not all, because few can be understood also ) write them on a piece of paper and keep reading them and writing them again and again, physical chemistry is what I found easy because you can easily memorize few simple formulae and they are usually directly applied the questions, organic chemistry is what you should learn and understand with so many name reactions and a hell lot of
conversions. Biology, you need to revise more and more because you will be forgetting things more often, from the huge animal kingdom to remembering dates of ecology, learning examples of morphology will make you forget your name XD, on the other hand, you will find genetics interesting, so much to read and read.
If social media distracts you, then try to keep yourself away from it . Few things which you can keep in mind while attempting the exam

Read the questions properly, it is a must. Don’t make mistakes in marking the OMR, this is the biggest mistake you can make. Try to complete the exam on time. Manage your time well, and go for the subject which you feel comfortable attempting first.

One year is good enough to score and also to get an excellent rank in neet UG .
The only things that you need follow are- have to study daily (min 6 to 8 hrs of self study) with your maximum efficiency.
2.your each and every day must be productive.
3. You have to learn from mock tests mistakes after analysing them and try not to repeat them. should not waste your time unnecessarily and have to stay consistent throughout the year.
5.your study schedule should be such that daily you have to solve 50 (min) mcqs of every subject.

Apart following above things you also have to be smart and follow some tips and tricks to boost your rank in such a competitive exam in which 16 to 17 lakh students are sitting.
Now let us see how u should follow these things.
1 .If your smart and confident enough that u can crack the exam without any coaching then go for self study. But if you an average or below average student, i would suggest to join any coaching.

2 .For following a daily routine and knowing all tips and tricks to boost up your neet rank even in last months of neet , you can register for mentorship.

3.In mentorship u will be told the approach you need to follow in order to attain perfection in that particular subject , the way to decrease your negatives , how to increase your accuracy and how to solve maximum questions in less time for time management Also the strategy you should follow to attempt the mock tests.

So by following above things you can easily achieve a decent rank in 1 year only.
“And remember one thing ,
Whenever u feel unmotivated or feel to quit just remember how good you will look in that white coat…”


Yes, You can obviously clear NEET in one year from zero level
Have one book for every subject and read it after watching lectures if you feel the need for, from any source
Practise ample of questions in all three subjects in time limit and test for your accuracy with speed that are the crucial points for clearing neet
Give regular tests and revise the topics those you did previously regularly
Get yourself a mentor if possible
He /She would help you in regularly maintaining your schedule, In your doubts ,academic as well as non academic, various tips and strategies for different subjects and keeping you motivated…Exprto at present provides you with personalised mentorship from rankers, so you could join it to strengthen your preparation

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Yes, you can very easily prepare for NEET and can achieve a very good rank if you follow the following

Here are the way how you can start studying smartly for NEET

Introspect yourself :- make a checklist that what you know already and what you have to know for the NEET. Go through the syllabus once and check your level, that from where you have to start.
Plan the Journey :- After Introspecting, Start from the very basic and plan out the journey for the whole syllabus a set some deadline for yourself so that you can progress in a pre defined manner.
Never Give Up :- It is the golden rule to achieve the goal. Build up yourself and your confidence not to give up even in the hardest situation. THink positive, talk to positive people, ask queries, make mistakes and learn from all these things. Stand by your decision and motivate yourself time to time.
Here are Some GOLDEN tips for the preparation of NEET

Firstly, gather all the details about the officially prescribed syllabus for the examination.
Make a proper time-table for your preparations.
Follow the time table strictly and increase your potential day by day.
Consider the good preparation books and study materials.
Practice mock test & previous year question papers.
Make mistakes while practising, and correct them and never repeat them.
Never give up even at your low time.
Stay stress free & healthy while preparing for exams.
Don’t try to include new topics at the end of preparations.
All the best

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