How do I score 360/360 in biology for NEET UG 2022?

How do I score 360/360 in biology for NEET UG 2022?


As per the latest trends of last 2 years Neet biology is being
completely asked from NCERT So it is very easy to score 360/360 .
So here are few tips that you can follow :-
NCERT is a kind of bible for Neet aspirants who should try to
understand it at first reading and highlight all the important points.
look through each table and diagram carefully ,memorize all details
given in ncert .
After doing this you have to solve mtg fingertips or any other book
which you want to follow for question practice. Do each chapter
question practice to just get good knowledge about the chapter and
question practice will boost your confidence as well. Give multiple
readings to your ncert at least 7 to 8 readings are must.
Solving mock papers in the last month’s will increase your speed and
will help you alot


Scoring 360/360 now a days doesn’t seem to be quiet difficult as now biology whole paper is from NCERT only

All you need to do is to learn NCERT by heart.each and every line, diagrams, flowchart of NCERT should be in your mind. Atleast read the book 10+ times than only you will get good command over NCERT

After this try to give as much test you can so that you can analyse your mistakes and work on them again & again because once you read the book you need to check whether you are now perfect or not so analysis is important part too

If you follow this believe me no one can stop you from achieving 360/360 in biology