How many hours NEET aspirant has to study?

How many hours NEET aspirant has to study?


It’s important to study for 12–14 hours with adding breaks of 20–30 minutes.
Secondly, Hours vary from one student to another. If a student joined any offline coaching, Must sit for 5–6 hours for self-study. Some study tips for NEET Aspirants during NEET Preparation:-
Must fix your study sitting hours. 2 hours for theory and 2 hours for practicing questions. You can also use the ‘Pomodoro Technique’.
Maintain Consistency
Follow the schedule thoroughly Don’t neglect NCERT.
Read it multiple times, prepare notes and revise them on a daily basis.
After NCERT, go through with practice books which include ‘Solved Year Papers’ and Chapter-wise tests with Explanations’, and that book series is, NEET 35 Years Chapter-wise Solutions with NCERT Page-wise Reference and Topper’s Approach - Physics, Chemistry and Biology of AV Publication. Practice Chapter wise tests for boosting confidence. Analyzation of your preparation through Mock Tests and Past year papers is very important, you get to know about your weaker concepts and overcome them. Secondly, you will get to know about the Time Management rule. Only 3 hours will give to attempt the NEET exam. So, Must work this way.
Don’t get distracted by any usual distractions.

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It is recommended that NEET aspirants study for at least 6-8 hours per day in order to be well prepared for the exam. However, the exact amount of time required to study will vary depending on the individual’s level of familiarity with the material and their study habits. It is important for NEET aspirants to develop a study schedule that works for them and to stick to it as much as possible. Additionally, it is important to take regular breaks and to engage in activities such as exercise and socializing to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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