Why kind of students should not prepare for the IIT JEE?

Why should not prepare for the IIT JEE?


Who has more complaints about the difficulty of subjects, than doubts about concepts?
Those who are fond of shortcuts, then undergo the whole process. Who finds fairy tales more interesting than HC VERMA[ HC VERMA](HTTP:// HC VERMA)?
Who are aware of every possible excuse available, for not attending lectures.
Who doesn’t dare to face failures?
Who doesn’t know how to act on their mistakes and correct them? Who purchases solutions books before the questions books? Who are busy scrolling IG MODELS?
Who see MATHEMATICS as their enemy.
Who starts youtube with some educational videos and ends up watching stand-up comedy.
Who is carried away by meeting people with negative minds? Who are OVER EDUCATED, that they neglect NCERT. Who is more into BOX OFFICE than WIKIPEDIA? Who never lets any TV SERIES go out of sight?