How to crack NEET/JEE mains exams?

How to crack NEET/JEE mains exams -

All things require for NEET/JEE mains prepration are discussed in following posts. You have to modify them accordingly to your convenience and follow them consistently. I know, you will definitely crack the NEET/JEE mains!!

If you have any query/doubt you can ask me.

  1. Best books for NEET preparation:-

  2. Best YouTube channel for NEET and JEE mains prepration:-

  3. How to score good marks in NEET:-

  4. How to score 150 plus marks in physics:-

  5. How to remember biology for NEET:-

  6. Time management during your preparation:-

  7. How to manage NEET/JEE and board preparation:-

  8. Backlog covering strategy:-

  9. How to revise quickly:-

  10. How to do physics if very less time remaining for exam?

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I want to know Important Topics for Biology to crack NEET

Prepare a Study Schedule. The very first step towards studying & preparing for the NEET & JEE is to create a timetable. …
Thorough Knowledge of the Syllabus. …
Solve Mock Tests And Previous Years’ Questions. …
Analyze and Improve Weaker Areas.
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